F-16 Support Facilities Package #6 Balad Air Base, Iraq
F-16 Support Facilities Package #6 Balad Air Base, Iraq

Client Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Middle East District

Contract Value: $49,816,029

Completed: 2018


This $50 million project was a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense (MOD) that was awarded in January 2014. The project, often described as a “bed down” facility for the new F-16 squadron located at Balad Air Base, included the design and construction of multiple new facilities:

– 42,259 SF (3,926 SM) F-16 Facility Squadron Headquarters

– 89,351 SF (8,301 SM) F-16 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

– 924 SM (9,946 SF) Fuel Cell Maintenance building

– 476 SM (5,124 SF) Missile Maintenance Facility

– 98 SM (1,054 SF) Hydrazine Facility

– 20 SM (215 SF) Booster Pump Building

– 407 SM (4,381 SF) Aircraft Wash Rack

– 3,263 SM (35,123 SF) Parking Apron Sunshade


The 88-room Aircraft Maintenance Hangar building has a 2-ton monorail crane, two one-ton bridge cranes, power-operated sliding doors, fan coil units, water chiller and air handling unit system. The new Squadron Headquarters, with its 66 rooms, provides the F-16 pilots with two flight simulators, areas for flight training and flight briefings, shower and locker room facilities, flight gear storage and maintenance, and administrative areas for the squadron command including an auditorium. 


An F-16 Power Check Pad, Hydrazine Facility Dilution Tank and Evaporation Pond, Security Fence and Access Gate, Fire Pump House, Fire Water Storage Tanks along with additional civil and mechanical infrastructure were also incorporated.