Contrack Watts possesses an excellent safety record, evidenced by the high number of safe work hours achieved and numerous safety awards. The Pacific Rim division recently surpassed 4 million work hours without a lost time incident between 2006 and 2013, and the Middle East division has surpassed 20 million work hours without a lost time incident.


A proud recipient of the 2010 AGC/WILLIS National Award for Safety Excellence in the Heavy Division, as well as more than 25 additional safety recognition awards in the past five years.

Our safety philosophies and practices revolve around sustaining a safety culture of prevention and zero tolerance throughout all divisions and aspects of construction projects. We fully comprehend the major impact practicing proper safety has on our employees, our clients and operations and we continuously seek improvements to our safety processes.


Our management team’s commitment to safety, diligent project-specific safety and accident prevention plans, forward thinking policies and procedures, employee engagement and training, and extensive subcontractor “buy-in” to our safety culture are second-to-none.