Strategic Airlift Apron, Runway and Rotary Wing Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
Strategic Airlift Apron, Runway and Rotary Wing
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Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

Client Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Total Contract Value: $127.6 million


Work on this contract was divided into three projects: a) Construction of a 67,900 square meter medium-load, paved aircraft apron with shoulders and three lateral taxiways for strategic airlift aircraft. Work also included pavement markings, grounding and tie-down points, apron edge lighting, high-mast apron lighting, utilities (including power production and electrical connections), drainage, and other necessary site improvements.


b) Construction of a 3,050 meter paved runway, shoulders and two ladder taxiways (Taxiways ā€œAā€ and ā€œEā€) for strategic airlift aircraft, and a

900-meter extension to the existing runway, converting it to a parallel taxiway. Supporting work included airfield pavement markings, airfield signage, runway threshold and edge lighting, approach lighting, airfield lighting vault, supporting infrastructure (including power production and distribution as appropriate), circulation and access roads (48,000 Square Meters), perimeter fence (8,000 Linear Meters), drainage, and other necessary site improvements.


c) Construct a rotary-wing parking apron (45,000 Square Meters) with two lateral connecting taxiways, lighting, markings, tie-down, and grounding points. The apron was designed to provide, at a minimum, fifteen (15) parking spaces for CH-47 and/or CH-53 helicopters. Supporting facilities include electrical and water distribution systems, roads, site drainage, and site improvements. This project is Phase I of two phases. Phase I provided conceptual layouts for a portion of the support infrastructure for Phase II, and future expansion projects.

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