P-101A North Ramp Parking Increment 2 of 2 and P-100 North Ramp Utilities Increment 1 Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
P-101A North Ramp Parking Increment 2 of 2 and P-100 North Ramp Utilities Increment 1
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Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Client: U.S. Department of the Navy

JV Team: Guam MACC Builders A JV

Type: Aircraft Rinse Facility, Refueling Pads, Aircraft Taxiways, Airfield Lighting, Utilities

Size: 5,000 CY Rinse & Refueling Pads, 1,400 LF Fueling Loop, 2,400 LF Waterline

Completed: 2015


Guam MACC Builders A JV completed the design and construction of a fully functional aircraft rinse facility with water recycling system, direct fueling stations, and taxiways to connect the facilities to the adjacent apron and Taxiway Delta. The aircraft rinse wash site consists of a taxi-through rinse pad where the aircraft are automatically rinsed, and a pump room that holds the support equipment for the rinse cycles. The system uses recycled water in combination with fresh water to rinse the aircraft.   The system is designed to rinse the MV-22 Osprey and KC-130 aircraft, as well as rotary wing aircraft.


A total of 5,000 CY of 8-1/2-inch thick reinforced PCC paving were placed for the rinse facility pad and fueling station pavement. The concrete within the fueling stations slabs is reinforced to reduce the number of joints and a sodium silicate surface treatment to help mitigate adverse effects from the heat associated with any downward directed exhaust from the MV22 engines.  GMB constructed enclosures and installed 120 airfield LED edge lights and eight airfield signs. The GMB team also installed a new CCR (Constant Current Regulator) to support the system.  The project also provides security level and operation level lighting for the fuel pads and rinse pad. The source will be metal halide 1000W fixtures. Taxiway pavements are PCC or Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) paving with Basalt aggregate, depending on the anticipated traffic.  Utilities for the project included a new water line for fire protection and the rinse station that was extended from an existing water line, a drainage system, and electrical support systems.


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