P-928 Waterfront Development Phase II Bahrain
P-928 Waterfront Development Phase II Bahrain

Client Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Total Contract Value: $27,780,047


This project is the second phase of a waterfront development on a 70 acre leased site with an adjacent 17 acres of water area for the US NAVSUPPACT. The FY10 Navy MILCON (P928) Project included construction of a Port Ops/Harbor Patrol Building, two Transformer Buildings, two Security Kiosks, Traveling Crane Pier, Boat Ramp, Small Craft Pier and Fuel Storage & Dispensing. Connections to the utility systems built during Phase 1 to support each of the components listed above are included.
A central chilled water system, to include chillers and distribution piping, will be provided for the site.  The Port Ops/Harbor Patrol Building is three-stories, the Transformer Buildings are one-story and the Security Kiosks are prefabricated modular units.