Core Values: 


Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in conducting our business with uncompromised ethics. We operate under the tenets of honesty, fairness, trust, accountability and hard work.


Relationships. We believe in cultivating open and wholly collaborative relationships that are respectful and rewarding to all stakeholders, whether they are Clients, Partners, Subcontractors, Vendors, Employees or Communities.


Quality & Service. We believe in distinguishing ourselves by exceeding expectations in quality and service.  Our best work results from our commitment to providing the most responsive service and delivering the highest quality possible.


Safety. Vital to our industry, employees and the communities in which we work is our full dedication to a safety culture focused on prevention and zero injuries.  Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and job site is accomplished through our comprehensive safety program that emphasizes continual training, supervision, accountability and review of construction methods.


Diversity. We strive for diversity, not only in our workforce, but also in our services and markets.  We value new perspectives and individual differences, and recognize these variances enhance our creativity and gain us significant strength.


Innovation. Our focus on continuous improvement, adaptability and inventiveness results in creative solutions, both internally and externally, that best achieve our clients’ goals.


Sustainability. We believe it is our responsibility to leave the planet in a better shape than we found it for future generations. That belief permeates all our projects, where we consistently strive to achieve higher LEED ratings than specified, make extensive use of sustainable construction materials, and recycle construction waste. When working in a remote, austere environment, we train the local population to become better builders and to properly maintain the buildings we leave behind.